TechSAge 2016 Design Competition


1st Place

Elyn Wu Caili

National University of Singapore

Dex is a smart footcare system designed to promote exercise and health management for people with diabetes. The Dex system features pressure sensitive shoe insoles that interact with a smart phone, enabling the user to monitor their foot pressure and play various exergames.

Dex Activity Tracking System



2nd Place

Sullivan Jolly & Paulin Giret

L'ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique

CommuniTea is a connected scheduling board for older adults. The peg board tablet offers a simple, connected way for people to plan meeting arrangements based on their activities, skills and interests.

CommuniTea Scheduling Board



3rd Place

Yilin Elaine Liu

Georgia Institute of Technology

GatePal is an airport wayfinding app for senior travelers. It provides step-by-step instructions for users to successfully navigate the airport and complete key tasks, from checking in, locating their gate, and finding their luggage. GatePal is universally designed so that older adults with different functional abilities are able to use this app at their own pace and in their preferred way.

GatePal App

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