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We conduct a variety of research studies that focus on understanding the needs of, and developing supportive technologies for, older adults with a range of abilities and disabilities. Opportunities include: surveys, focus groups, interviews, and technology evaluations. Depending on the study, you may be able to participate on the phone, online, on campus, at your home, or in other locations. Compensation varies by study. 

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Join the TechSAge Participant Registry

We maintain a registry of names of people who are interested in being contacted about research studies. Interested in joining? We need to ask a you a few questions about yourself to see which studies you might be eligible for and match your interests with our researchers. Question topics include: contact information, demographics, technology use, health, and sensory and mobility capabilities. This information is for screening purposes only and will not be shared with anyone outside of our research team.  

Current Study Opportunities

A Music Therapy Study

Seeking Stroke Participants to Evaluate Music Therapy and Piano on Hand Function

FaMe: A Detection System Study

Seeking Wheelchair & Scooter Users to Evaluate Wearable Fall Detection Devices

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