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TechSAge training includes a wide range of educational activities for students and professionals designed to promote awareness about, and innovation for, people aging with disability. From webinars, to design competitions, to immersive student assistantships, training activities incorporate teaching basic skills in accessibility and universal design.

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T1 Blended Online and In-Person Learning Program

This program aims to provide both professionals and students with online and in-person training on basic skills in universal design, accessibility, and rehabilitation engineering research. Educational programming includes videos, webinars, podcasts, internships, and more! 

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T2 TechSAge Design Competition

TechSAge design competitions and hackathons inspire students to create innovative technology solutions to support people aging with disability. In partnership with sponsors including Amazon, Microsoft, and Anthem, competitions emphasize accessibility and user engagement in the design of devices, smart phone apps, and voice-activated commands.

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