D2. Monitoring and Managing Falls

Principal Investigator

Laura Rice, Ph.D.


Jacob Sosnoff, Ph.D., Peter Presti, MSCS, Harshal Mahajan, Ph.D.


Libak Abou, M.S., Mikaela Frechette, M.S.


Permobil, AB; Post-Polio Health International; Illinois Community Health and Aging Collaborative


Falls are common among wheelchair users and can result in injury, added challenges with daily activities, and admissions to hospitals and long-term care facilities. We are developing a system that will accurately detect falls from wheelchairs to automatically alert caregivers or emergency professionals who can quickly respond to help. This will be accomplished through measuring acceleration patterns to detect a fall from a wheelchair and developing, refining, and evaluating a prototype for a customizable fall detection system. We will develop and test the prototype with the long-term goal of improving fall outcomes and recovery for wheelchair users.

woman getting off electric scooter to use crutches

electric scooter control pad

female using wheelchair in kitchen

Project Status

Our team recently shared the first iteration of the fall detection device with community-dwelling adults for usability and feasibility testing. Quantitative data collected during its use and qualitative data following its use are informing necessary changes to the device’s design and algorithm. The development of a compatible smartphone application is underway to allow for user interface with the device. Community testing of the second iteration will begin shortly!

In the video below, a student does a controlled, backwards fall from a wheelchair in the laboratory setting as part of an effort to measure acceleration patterns of different types of falls among wheelchair users.



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Project Alumni

Alex Fliflet, B.A

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