The mission of the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Technologies to Support Aging-in-Place for People with Long-Term Disabilities (RERC TechSAge) is: 

  • to support and empower people with chronic conditions and long-term impairments to age-in-place  
  • through increasing knowledge about, availability of, and access to effective design and technologies 
  • that enable individuals to sustain independence; maintain health; engage safely in basic activities at home and in the community, and fully participate in society.


User Technology Needs

Advance knowledge about individuals who are aging with long-term sensory and mobility impairment with regard to challenges in the performance of everyday activities and needs for, and use of, assistive and smart technologies.

Technology-Based Interventions

Increase the accessibility and availability of technology-based interventions (e.g., voice-activated software applications and an evidence-based, home exercise program) to support independence, health, and aging-in-place for people aging with sensory and mobility impairment.

Development and Deployment

Enhance the safety and support in performing daily activities in the home and community for individuals aging with sensory and mobility impairment.


Expand the supply of skilled individuals qualified to conduct advanced rehabilitation engineering research and/or develop useful and accessible aging-in-place technologies that improve the health and participation individuals with long-term mobility and sensory impairment. 

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