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female wheelchair user gaming accessibly.

Accessible Gaming Tools

This project focused making digital games more accessible for people with sensory and mobility limitations. We developed a series of simulation tools for designers to experience what a game looks and feels like with certain impairments and learn about ways to optimize their interface design.

a screenshot of the align app.


Application for Locational Intelligence and Geospatial Navigation

ALIGN is a mobile device app is designed to support pedestrian wayfinding for people with disabilities. Combining real-time, dynamic data (e.g., traffic, weather) and information on key accessibility features, such as curb cuts and crosswalks, ALIGN provides users with customized routes intelligently tailored to their preferences and support needs.

low vision woman steps out of building with a white cane

Effects of Hearing Loss on Aging with Vision Disability

This project explored how adults with vision loss utilize sound-based technologies and strategies to navigate their communities and the effects of hearing loss on these activities. 

Manipulator robot shaves a man's face

Mobile Manipulator Robot

Researchers developed an interactive robotic system to provide physical assistance to people with severe motor impairments. The system features a manipulator robot, equipped with wheels for driving and two arms with grippers that allow for grasping objects and interacting with people, and a robotic hospital bed.

female wheelchair user in the kitchen.

Assess User Needs for Home-Based Activities

We conducted in-home interviews with older adults with long-term disabilities to understand their support needs for everyday activities in the home. We identified common activity challenges, persisting un-met needs, as well as the solutions being used to address those challenges.

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