Advisory Board

TechSAge Advisory Board members represent key stakeholders who contribute their diverse areas of expertise to support the Center, by 1) ensuring scientific and clinical relevance of our research, 2) promoting dissemination, 3) recommending future directions, and 4) promoting collaborations. Collectively, board members serve as consumer, provider, scientific, and industry advisors.

Senior Advisors

Margaret Campbell

Margaret Campbell, Ph.D.

Thenkurussi Kesavadas

Thenkurussi ‘Kesh’ Kesavadas, Ph.D.

Katherine Seelman

Katherine Seelman, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisors

Majd Alwan

Majd Alwan, Ph.D.

Sara Czaja

Sara J. Czaja, Ph.D.

Marcia Finlayson

Marcia Finlayson, Ph.D.

Theodore Johnson II

Theodore Johnson II, MD, MPH

Kinsuk Maitra

Kinsuk Maitra, Ph.D., OTR/L, FAOTA

Alex Mihailidis

Alex Mihailidis, Ph.D., P.Eng

Ivan Molton

Ivan Molton, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Mynatt

Elizabeth Mynatt, Ph.D.

Michelle Putnam

Michelle Putnam, Ph.D.

Jon Pynoos

Jon Pynoos, Ph.D.

Susy Stark

Susy Stark, Ph.D.

Jeff Woods

Jeff Woods, Ph.D.

Industry Advisors

Merrill Friedman

Merrill Friedman, B.A.

Dan Quigley

Dan Quigley

Caroline Van Howe

Caroline Van Howe, M.A.

Provider Advisors

Scott Morrison headshot.

Scott Morrison, B.S.

Nancy Morrison headshot

Nancy Morrison, M.Ed.

Consumer Advisors

Headshot of Tina Childress

Tina Childress, Au.D., CCC-A

Mike Galifianakis

Mike Galifianakis, J.D.

Ron Malik

Ron Malik, M.Ed.

Headshot of Johan Rempel

Johan Rempel

Alfred Sonnenstral

Alfred Sonnenstrahl, M.A., B.S.

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