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2022 Stretch Robot Pitch Competition

The 2022 Stretch Robot Pitch Competition, sponsored by TechSAge RERC in collaboration with Hello Robot and AI-CARING, was hosted at the Georgia Institute of Technology. This competition sought innovative hardware or software solutions to support individuals aging with disabilities at home using the Stretch™ robot. Developed by Hello Robot, Stretch is an open source mobile manipulator with reaching, grasping, and sensing capabilities to support people with a wide range of tasks. AI-CARING is a collaborative research institute, which includes Georgia Tech, that is focused on developing the next generation of personalized, collaborative Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems to support older adults and their network of care partners. Students submitted a brief proposal and pitch video that detailed their concept for Stretch and how it addressed a need for individuals aging with disabilities. Undergraduate and graduate Tech students, representing a wide range of disciplines, submitted novel ideas for Stretch to support this population. An interdisciplinary panel of judges that included representatives from TechSAge, Hello Robot, and AI-CARING evaluated the submissions.

1st Place

Virtual Reality (VR) + Stretch Robot Housekeeper for People Aging with Long-Term Mobility Disabilities

Team: Kangkyu Kwon (School of Electrical and Computer Engineering), Yoon-Jae Lee (School of Electrical and Computer Engineering), & Yewon Na (School of Mechanical Engineering)

This project integrates VR with Stretch to support individuals with disabilities with tasks that may require assistance, such as getting up to grab an item, or opening a drawer. Prize: $1000

Yewon Na and Yoon-Jae Phillip Lee hold the first place certificate that Stretch hands them

Not pictured: Kangkyu Kwon

Honorable Mention

Identification and Manipulation Guidance for Older Adults with Vision Impairment

Nima Jadali (College of Computing)

Using Stretch’s camera and audio systems, users will be aided by audio cues to alleviate the process of correctly locating and identifying objects, such as grabbing the correct prescription bottle and then taking the right dosage of medication. Prize: $500

Nima Jadali holds the honorable mention certificate beside Stretch

Honorable Mention

Giving Back Autonomy with Remote Wrist Control

Team: Charles Hong (Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering) & Akber Shaikh (Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering)

This device would allow individuals with motor impairments to manipulate Stretch's dextrous wrist attachment remotely to promote autonomy and self-sufficiency with everyday tasks, like picking up around the house. Prize: $500

Charles Hong and Akber Shaikh hold the honorable mention certificate by Stretch


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