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RESNA 2022 Virtual Conference

RESNA 2022 Virtual Conference

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Event Status: Ended

Date: 7/13/22

The Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA) 2022 Virtual Conference, taking place July 13 – 15, 2022, will bring together assistive technology professionals from a variety of disciplines to exchange ideas about the latest innovations and research helping people with disabilities lead independent, healthy lives.

Join us for the TechSAge Workshop: "Designing User-Centered Technologies to Support People Aging with Disability”

This interactive workshop will highlight select RERC TechSAge projects focused on developing supportive technologies for people aging with disability. Lyndsie Koon will present research exploring activity challenges and technology user needs among people aging with multiple sclerosis (MS), including interview data from subject matter experts and preliminary data from the target population. Jon Sanford will describe how SmartBathroom sensor data on toilet transfer performance (i.e., body and foot position, hand placement, grasping forces) are being used to create data visualizations for training occupational therapists. Ben Thompson will discuss a prototype that augments existing teleconferencing systems to enhance remote support for people aging with disability (i.e., additional cameras to examine space, on-screen drawing). Laura Rice will describe the development of an automated fall detection device for wheelchair users and present field-testing results on device sensitivity, specificity, and usability.