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Training & Design Competitions

Training & Design Competitions

From webinars to design competitions, we offer a variety of activities for students and professionals to promote awareness about people aging with disability and best practices for accessibility and universal design.

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Stretch Robot Pitch Competition

Learn about the Stretch Robot Pitch Competition, sponsored by TechSAge RERC, in collaboration with Hello Robot and P&G, that was hosted at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign.

ATIA Maker Day

The Tools for Life team joined Assistive Technology (AT) makers at the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) Maker Day 2022 to share everything from low-tech to modified technology solutions to support people with disabilities in solving everyday problems. Check out some of the resources and instructions of the low-tech solutions that their team presented at the conference.

Accessible gift wrap made with ribbon

Accessible Gift Wrap

shopping bag holder made out of a plastic hanger and Instamorph

Shopping Bag Holder

DIY accessory for a caddy, walker, or scooter made out of brass fasteners, empty gallon jug, crew sock, and other materials

DIY Accessory

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