Stretch Robot Pitch Competition: Submission Guidelines


  • Title page (8.5 X 11 inches in pdf or doc format in front of 2 page proposal) 
    • Project Title: name of concept and
    • Brief description of concept: 1 sentence
    • Contestant(s):
      • Name
      • College or department affiliation at Illinois
      • Illinois email address
      • *information needed for all authors, if submitting as a team.
  • Proposal (2 pages, 8.5 X 11 inches in pdf or doc format) that highlights:
    • Need/Use Case: identify a need for individuals aging with disabilities; state how the proposed design concept (software and/or hardware innovation with Stretch) addresses the need; describe and the significance and implications of the design. 
    • Methods/Approach: Design process, considerations, and how you will utilize Stretch and the McKechnie Family LIFE Home.
      • Proposals that incorporate human-centered design strategies (e.g., getting user input on problem; plans for iterative design of prototypes based on user feedback) will be highly desirable.
    • Concept: Detailed description of concept, including pictures or graphics, if applicable
    • Timeline: proposed timeline for implementation of development process during Spring 2022 in the LIFE Home.
    • Cost: specify any additional perceived costs (materials or software) for developing and testing the product
  • Pitch video (< 3 minutes) that provides an overview of your proposed design concept. Can be a video or powerpoint with audio recording. 

Judging Criteria

Judges will include representatives from TechSAge, Hello Robot, and P&G.

Submissions will be evaluated and scored based on the following criteria:

  • aging with disability: How does the concept address the need(s) of people aging with disabilities? What is the importance of the problem and how does the concept solve it?
  • feasibility: How realistic or practical is the concept?
  • innovativeness: How creative is the concept?
  • integration of P&G: How does the concept integrate P&G personal care and other household product(s)?
  • universal design: To what extent is the concept designed to be useable by people to the greatest extent possible and/or integrate universal design principles?
  • human-centered design: To what extent was user feedback from incorporated in the planning/design process?


Be sure to review helpful resources on the competition home page.

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