TechSAge Disability 101 Webinars

Carolyn Phillips & Liz Persaud
Tools for Life, Georgia Institute of Technology
December 2014

Part 1: Background

  • RERC TechSAge Mission
  • Tools for Life Overview
  • Disability statistics
  • Models of disability

Part 1 (Time 32:31)

Part 2: Reducing Barriers

  • Misconceptions and assumptions about disability
  • Barriers to people with disabilities
  • Value laden language

Part 2 (Time 28:11)

Part 3: Tips

  • Tips for working with people with disabilities
  • Tips for conducting research with people with disabilities

Part 3 (Time 32:40)

Universal Design Principles for Interfaces

Ljilja Kascak, Ph.D student in Industrial Design
Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access (CATEA)
Georgia Institute of Technology
February 2016
Lecture (Time 28:36)

Click here for slides

Tips on Making Your Project Accessible

Carolyn Phillips & John Rempel
Tools for Life & AMAC Accessibility Solutions, Georgia Institute of Technology
October 2016
Webinar (Time 28:25)