Research Projects

  • Three research projects are proposed that are designed to address the priority and the RERC mission using the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health as a theoretical basis.
  • R1. Identify User Needs for People Aging with Disability will provide converging evidence necessary to design integrated technology supports through: creating an evidence-base for a taxonomy of user needs, stratified by functional loss; identifying needs and predictors of interventions for home-based tasks; and demonstrating feasibility of using functional performance data to predict task performance within and across activities.
  • R2. Effects of Hearing Loss on Mobility and Participation of People Aging with Vision Disability will explore the impact of hearing loss on use of compensatory strategies and AT devices and on activity and participation outcomes. It will identify sound characteristics that can be incorporated into AT to improve effectiveness of devices and mobility strategies and produce guidelines for AT devices and rehabilitation practices that match users’ needs.
  • R3. TeleWellness Technologies will examine the potential for telerobotic systems to support activity and social interaction of older adults with hearing disability and age-related motor loss. Studies will systematically assess telerobot acceptance; determine effectiveness of telerobot exercise interventions; and determine import attributes of a telerobot for use by the target population.