T2. Post-Secondary Training

Principal Investigator: Jon A. Sanford, M.Arch.

Specific Aims
The primary objective of this project is to introduce the principles of RE research, UD, and aging with disability to students in ID, mechanical engineering (ME), human computer interaction (HCI), and human factors/engineering psychology (PSY) at GA Tech. This will be accomplished through standard classroom instruction, student projects, and advanced level graduate research assistantships.

Specific aims of this project are to:

  1. incorporate RERC TechSAge R&D into senior and graduate level ID studios and interdisciplinary lecture courses;
  2. use interdisciplinary DATHA meetings to expose students to disability-related topics and to develop their skills in RE problem solving; and
  3. use assistantships to provide training and work experience, using a junior colleague model, in characteristics of disability, UD, and research methodology.
  4. introduce students across GA Tech to principles of UD in the development of home and community-based technologies through a special award as part of Georgia Tech's Convergence Innovation Competition (CIC).